Services and Facilities available

General medical services available


Diagnostic services

Surgical procedures:

We can perform a variety of surgical procedures for your pet from routine spays and neuters , to more complex emergency, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries.

Dental care:

Pets do not let us know when they have significant dental and other oral problems. As a result, oral disease in pets is often quite advanced before family recognizes that there is a problem. Yet dental diseases are the most commonly diagnosed medical problem in pets. Almost 70% of all pets presented to vets have oral problems requiring immediate treatment. Loss of teeth, bad breath, abscesses, difficulty in chewing, oral pain and cavities are all treatable conditions related to your pets oral health. Just as you would consult a trained Dentist for your Dental problem, you should bring your pet to us. We have a broad variety of dental services available to meet your pet’s dental needs.

Emergency and Critical care services:

We offer round the clock emergency and critical care services 7 days a week. Any diagnostic, treatment and surgical procedure your pet may require as an emergency will be attended by us.

Boarding services:

We have complete indoor boarding facility for your dogs and cats. Reservations are necessary for boarding your pet. We also provide necessary grooming, medicated bath when they are with us. You can avail pick-up and drop off facility for your pets


We have fully equipped grooming facility for your pet staffed with experienced groomers. All pets that are groomed also go through a complete physical examination by our Veterinarians, with detailed attention given to their skin.

Pet Store:

Our retail store offers wide variety of quality pet food, treats and dietary supplements as well as a wide range of pet toys and accessories for your dogs and cats.

Pet transport and pet ambulance:

We give complete assistance in transporting your pet both overseas and domestic (quarantine certificates, micro-chipping, rabies antibody titers, health certificates, etc.). Our ambulance service can help you transport your pet from / to anywhere in Bangalore .


No healthy animal will be euthanized by us because we view euthanasia as a final and drastic resort. We will choose to explore all other options first and will euthanize animals only when other treatment options are exhausted.